Thursday, March 31, 2016

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We spent much of Easter weekend and early week at the boat.....

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Another little "oopsie" at the airport

Lot's going on at Siler City Airport last week!

This young man was on his first solo cross country flight.  Things didn't turn out too good for him.   He said he bounced and before he knew it, the plane was off the runway.  Luckily, the plane can be fixed and he's not hurt.....except his feelings are hurt!  (The runway is to the right and up the hill in this photo).

Nothing was damaged except the propeller was bent.

So the engine will have to be torn down to make sure there was no internal damage.   Not a great day for the young man, but hopefully he'll get back to training and do a better job next time out!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


I am really behind on my blogging! The other morning when I was at Siler City Airport, Dick's "chase crew" drove in with his balloon trailer.....and soon Dick's balloon appeared approaching the airport.

Ever so slowly he maneuvered towards the runway.

For a perfect, calm touchdown!

I always love to see the process of deflating the balloon.  It's a quiet affair.  Good fun!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Grandma's 100th Birthday!!!

Quite a milestone to reach 100 years!!!  My grandmother, Helen Thomas Hall, was 100 years Monday!

I must have forgotten to push "publish" on this blog post because I just came to the blog after a busy week and see that you didn't see this on Monday like I had intended.  Oh well.

Think of all the changes she's seen in the world.

I think of her as a honest, warm but frankly spoken, supporter of her church and conservative views.  Plus that lovely white hair used to be a dark auburn!  And I'm the only grandchild that benefited from those genes!

The birthday cake from Sam's Club.

 And if you haven't seen this on Facebook arranged for Sam's Club to give us the big sheet cake for FREE to honor the 100th birthday!  Very COOL from corporate America!

She had ALOT of visitors!  Some she knew, some she didn't!  But she was a real trouper for several hours.

My uncle David up  from Florida for the occasion.  All her children lots of the extended family attended.

Teresa, Robert and I drove up from Concord to the party.

Wonder what Grandma is thinking in this snapshot!!!

And I'm sure she wouldn't mind this photo.....after most of the guests were gone....she took a well-deserved nap right in her chair!  What a great milestone!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trip to St. Augustine

For the "boat" part of this trip, you can go to the Sailing Blog.....but we had a nice visit otherwise to St. Augustine! 

We were only with the boat broker for an hour or so.....we had the rest of the day to wander St. Augustine.

What a neat old town!

Went to the fort.....

And walked about the downtown area.

Neat old cobblestone/bricked ally ways.

We found a beach bar that a friend had recommended.  It was tucked in a obscure corner - we would have never found it without the GPS!

50cent oyster special!!

Neat place!

More touring the next morning....

Neat old churches.

Time to go back home....the FBO had put our airplane in a hangar overnight and we had to wait a long time for them to retrieve it!  But, they refunded our $20 overnight fee, so I guess it was worth the wait!

And a cloudy and breezy flight home!

Monday, March 14, 2016


If you haven't recently,

jump over to the Sailing Blog for updates!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kitchen fixup

I've been meaning to get around to re-caulking my kitchen countertop for years.....somehow just never got the urge.....

But, the old caulking was pulling away from the tile and was generally pretty yucky.

It was fairly simple but a bit tedious to get the old caulking off.

And you know the drill - just lay a nice bead of new caulk and smooth with a wet finger.

All nice and sealed up for another 20 years, I guess!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

3 Different daffodils

I have three different patches of daffodils. 

I'm not sure where they came from....Some were from Mom's old border along the road.

I have two different varieties that are solid yellow.  These have very "pointy" petals.

These are actually solid yellow also - I don't know why the photo sortof looks like the petals are white.   They are more "rounded".

And these truly do have white petals.   Weird that after all these years of moving stuff around in my gardens, I've never mixed up the bulbs.  Not a single "stray" flower, they're very segregated.  This fall I might try some "desegregation"! 

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Pretty flowers!

Nothing much happening around here! 

Finally getting some pretty flowers around the house...

My camellias blooming pretty this year....some years the pretty, big buds just fall off.

And my yellow daffodils - a little late this year, I assume due to all the cold weather.

And for some strange reason, my Christmas cactus has decided to bloom again!!    Maybe, it, too was feeling the cold temperature thru the window and decided it was Christmas again!

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

JA Henckels knife

I'm tickled with the "Lifetime Warranty" on my absolutely favorite kitchen knife! 

Robert gave the knife to me many years ago.  It's my "go to" knife.  It is just the perfect size and fits my hand for that perfect amount of "force" when cutting veggies, etc.
One of the large rivets had popped I looked it up on the internet and shipped it off to see what they'd do.  (They're expensive - about $50 for this one knife!)

And today, I found out! 

Brand new knife - sharp, sharp, sharp!  I'd better be careful!!