Saturday, May 19, 2012

Staniel Cay

I first looked at this photo thinking that it was a beautiful sunset, but it's actually a beautiful sunRISE!

The girls took the dinghy "solo" to shore since the boys didn't want to go on a little shoreside shopping excursion.  We stopped in by the Staniel Cay Yacht Club - this time in the daylight and no huge crowd like last night!  The club is quite interesting with tons of "Yachtie" flags from around the world hanging overhead.

We started walking down the street and immediately a kind soul on a golf cart gave us a lift!  She took us about a 1/2 mile to a little grocery store.

Their idea of a bridge is a little less sturdy that we're used to, but we saw several regular vehicles cross it with no problem!

We got a few items we needed for the boat and were on our way to explore Staniel Cay on foot.
We were actually in search of ice cream....

We enjoyed our little walk around - admiring the brightly colored houses.

And the church with the best view, ever!!

Carolyn is a sucker for a dog or a child....she had to be introduced to this little island girlie!

We scoped out our spot for dinner tonight - a little establishment called "Taste and Sea" - a good choice!

Resting a bit overlooking the anchorage....

More pretty colored houses sitting on the limestone hills....

Relaxing with the boys when we returned from our excursion!

In the afternoon, we wanted to go see the "pigs".....strange thing to do in the Bahamas, right??  I'll explain.....but first we needed to top off our water and fuel supply - and get rid of some bags of garbage, mundane tasks.....  So, we lifted anchor and went over to the dock for those chores.  Cecil filling the water.

View from the fuel dock....

The off to Big Major Cay - where the PIGS are!  Seems as though some pigs inhabit this small cay (unpopulated by humans) and they are friendly pigs! 

Some people that we met at Rock Sound heard us on the VHF radio - and said that they were over at Big Major also - so we "rafted up" with them for a little while.

Their next stop was also Staniel Cay, so they pushed off....

Hmmmm, off the back of the boat.....I don't think we'll swim here either!!

Everyone but Duane hopped in the dinghy to go see the pigs.....Duane said he's seen enough pigs in his life....

And here they are, just as we expected.  They really just wanted handouts of food - which we provided.  We had brought a few slices of bread - they were experts at catching the bread - and if they missed, the seagulls were more than happy to snap it up!

Carolyn wasn't so sure she wanted any company!

Cecil, on the other hand, had much to discuss with them!!

After the pig encounter, we motored back to Staniel Cay - next adventure was to snorkel at "Thunderball Grotto" - a cave that was used in the James Bond movies Never Say Never Again and Thunderball.

You have to wait until low tide to be able to swim thru the cave, so we timed it for the 4pm low tide.

It was fabulous!  We really enjoyed it -

Entering the cave...

This Queen Angelfish was spectacular!  This photo is NOT retouched!  She really looks like that!

Inside the cave.

Looking straight UP to the semi-open roof of the cave -

Underwater scene with the light shining down from the roof holes.

Cecil and Carolyn ready to go ashore for dinner.

Carolyn, pretty much a non-drinker, pretending to slug down a beer...

Silliness upon finding a telephone booth - since they have virtually disappeared in the U.S.
That's it for the evening!  More tomorrow!


affectioknit said...

Oh my goodness...those pigs were hilarious!

See you in a little bit!



Alicia Parr said...

Awesome pictures! My parents had a series of 15 second videos. The pigs are hilarious.