Sunday, July 12, 2015

More hiking at Raven Rock State Park, Lilllington, NC

We hiked about 6 miles today at Raven Rock State Park.  We've been here before, but there were trails we had not hiked!

This time we hiked to the actual namesake - Raven Rock!  Luckily, it was very shady so the temp was bearable.

The trail down to the river was steep - the last part was this stairway.

Kind of hard to get a good photo of a big rock....

The rocky hillside almost directly adjoined the tannic water of the Cape Fear River.

Loved hiking over this tree-root system.  See all the above-ground roots sprawling out over the rockbed?

Walking along the cliff-face.

And finally, we hiked up to the "Overlook" - which really was a pretty nice view considering how flat the area is elsewhere.  A lovely viewpoint!

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affectioknit said...

Hey...I have those same photos from about 30 years ago...

Still looks like fun!