Monday, August 03, 2015

Fun weekend! Pool, family, friends and 80th birthday!

My sis and her family came by for a fun weekend....lot's of pool time up at Pat and Diane's pool. 

The lovely Miss Diane!

Pat volunteered to give some rides in his motor-glider.  First up was Eaven.

 Up, up and away!

All smiles and thumbs up on their return to the ground!

Next was sister Teresa.

Meanwhile, everyone else was finding the shady spots.

Engine off - gliding silently above!

Some sought refreshing cool water!

Others relaxed by the pool!

And there were corn hole games....which was fun in spite of the fact that Pat's corn hole boards have the eveil Blue Devil logos instead of pretty red Wolfpack ones!

Pat with the clams from Ocracoke!

Eaven relaxing in the pool.

See, lots of relaxing in the pool!

We had Bobby Q down for a short 80th birthday celebration!!  

He entertained us a while with his keyboard playing.

And for some reason,  Richard actually slept through some of the activities.....must have been a long night at the station last night!

More corn hole - Miranda and Elora.  Excellent form!

And Jackie got in on the fun too!!

And finally, Bobby Q wanted to throw a few!  Happy 80th!


Elizabeth said...

That looks like the most fun!! Plenty to do and good people to do it with. MOM

affectioknit said...

It was definitely a day full of fun!

Thanks for pulling it all together for us...