Saturday, March 18, 2017

More foodie pictures

I also came away from our mountain trip with some kale from Granny and Cordy....I forgot to snap a photo of the I have done a loose "chop" of the leaves. 

But I wanted more of a "slaw" texture - so I forced all the leaves thru my trusty "Emmie" food processor.

Much easier than trying to fine-chop all those leaves!

Added a Vidalia onion, almonds and some tomatoes.

Mixed with the Balsamic vinaigrette - plus several extra splashes of Balsamic vinegar because I like my dishes extra-vinegar-y!

Added the kale-slaw to steamed green beans w/garlic and baked salmon/home-made tarter sauce.   It was a very nice meal!


Elizabeth said...

You are surely doing a really healthy diet. Looks delicious, too. MOM

Karen said...

used the roasted garlic pepper! yum!