Monday, December 06, 2010

Lonnie's customer appreciation day

Every year our good buddy Lonnie throws a "customer appreciation day" at his lawn/garden shop. I have volunteered to bring my turkey fryer and fry up the hushpuppies for the event several years now.

This year, it was coooolllddd for an outside event. I actually stayed pretty toasty next to the hot oil cooker!

While they were waiting on the go-ahead to eat, most everyone milled around, stopping near the cookers often for a quick warm-up.

A nice event - a LOT of folks stop by. Many pick up their Christmas trees and wreaths on the way home.

At last, it was time to dig in! A nice, community event. (And yes, they ate every last hushpuppy!!)


affectioknit said...

Another fun day! but no snow...



Miranda said...

That was some really delicious food! But I must say, your sweatshirt is HIDEOUS! Let me pick you up a nice one here in Chapel Hill for Christmas. It's a known fact: Carolina blue looks good on everyone! =)

Karen said...

yeah, fun and good food!

miranda, you are welcome to your (albeit) biased opinions....but keep your light blue stuff to yourself!! (it clashes with red hair, don't cha know)?

love, k

Just Marianne said...

Atta girl Karen! That's the WRONG shade of blue she is referring to and I prefer red! It has pizazz!

Lokks like fun!

Karen said...

hey marianne! i've been keeping up with your lately crazy life! hang in there!

love, k

Elizabeth said...

Seems like last year it was raining and cold for that. Looks like fun anyway. MOM