Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Ready, set, Bear Mace!

So, Lindy offered to let us borrow the "Bear Mace" that they took with them on their Yellowstone visit a couple of years ago. I said "sure" - hope we don't need it!!

Now, this is a huge amount of "Mace" - included the bottle of water so you could see just how large the spray bottle of mace is. It says that it shoots 35 feet...I certainly hope that we're not within 35 feet of a bear ... and I wonder if it just pisses the bear off? Certainly hope NOT to find out!!!

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affectioknit said...

YIKES! I used to have a little key-ring Mace squirter thingy - don't know whatever happened to it...that one looks massive...

Hoping you have a great trip and no bears...or just ones far away that you can photograph...