Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trip to Hendersonville for a special Nephew's wedding celebration

Since we're such home-bodies......we decided we needed ANOTHER trip!

When we got home from Yellowstone, we sorted thru a pile of mail....and there was an invitation to "Little" Eddie and Brittany's wedding celebration just two days away. Hey, what the heck - bags are still packed. We can toss them back in the airplane and head to Hendersonville!

First, I just have to add two photos that I got from my Mom's computer - these are from Mother's day - and I thought they were nice:

Mom and I at Eddie and Trudi's luncheon.

And Eddie and Brittany looking at a couple of "Italy" books I brought them. Aren't they so young and sweet? (Leaving for an Army deployment to Italy on Friday!)

On to the wedding celebration:

Brother Eddie offering the toast to his son and new daughter-in-law (Trudi a bit emotional in the background!!)

The newlywed's listening to their toast - sorry for the glare but it was a sunny day!

The cute cake topper

The assembled cake (made by Eddie, of course...) and yummy raspberry filling...oh my....

The newlyweds were soooo nice to each other as they took their bites of cake!

The lovely couple - we wish them all the best!!!

We also went over to Granny and Cordy's house for a nice, relaxing visit. All is well there - the garden is beautiful and I came home with bags of veggies, as usual.

The spoiled kitty, Obie, is doing great keeping Granny and Cordy in line!!

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