Sunday, December 07, 2014

Finally picking up the boat!

The weather finally has cooperated and we headed to Oriental to retrieve Island Girl!  

The fiberglass work on the bows turned out very nicely!

The bottom paint is very pretty also.....important so that all the sea "critters" don't grow on the hull over the next year or two!

The Wayfarers Cove folks rigged the travel lift and lifted the boat off the supports uneventfully....time to put us back in the water!  

Slowly lowered us back to the surface of the water.

Everything was fine....started up the diesels and we were off down the narrow channel.

We got a pretty late start.....and the wind didn't help at all......

Pretty sunset.....but we were still over an hour from our new "home" worries, we handled it fine with a good Cap'n Duane and First Mate Karen on the spotlight to find our marina on Brown's Creek!

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