Thursday, November 03, 2016

More chair repairs

I've been meaning to "fix" this short chair/stool for about 30 years now.....

I believe this chair was left in the shed by the previous owners of our house in New Hill, but I really can't remember!!!

I do recall it was painted, several layers.  We stripped it and stained it.  

So, in keeping with my recent activities,  I decided it was time to make it functional!  I didn't have any foam for a cushion lying around.  But, since this chair is more of a place just to sit for a moment when I tie my shoes in the morning, I decided that just a bit of padding would be sufficient.

I've got plenty of old towels - so I pulled some of them out of the cabinet and started making the padding.

Several layers of toweling cut to fit.

And assembled, just stapling it around the chair bottom.  The cream colored material is the final cover.

Almost finished - I trimmed all the excess.

And another little project finished!


Elizabeth said...

Really nice looking little chair. Just the place for a quick "seat". MOM

affectioknit said...

I remember that looks perfect and light now...