Tuesday, November 08, 2016

More painting.....my arm is tired!!

Happy Election Day!  (It will only be happy for me if Hillary wins, of course!)

My next project is the spare bedroom.  We used this room for several weeks to temporarily store all the "stuff" for the flooring install.  I couldn't get it painted because it was FULL of "stuff".....

But now we've moved all the "stuff" back into it's normal home or up into the attic...more about that tomorrow maybe.

This was Richard's original bedroom, lately just a very plain guest room.  White walls and white trim, like the rest of the house!

I found a full can of paint in the basement - "Salmon White"....it was our original master bedroom color.  I decided I'd use it for the guest room - and save $25 on a new can of paint.

After it dried, I decided NO, NO, NO!!!  It's too pink!

So, off to Lowe's to spend that $25 on a new color.  It's just a soft beige/grey....nice and calm!  Visit soon so you can stay here!


affectioknit said...

Oh no...double work...I bet your arm is tired...I love the second colour though...



Elizabeth said...

I like that color too, very relaxing. We'll make our regular semi-annual visit in February to check it out. MOM