Friday, September 23, 2016

New master bedroom colors

Next up for a "facelift" is our bedroom.   The wallpaper border just makes the room look a little "dated"....and the wall color is "Dusty Salmon".  It used to match an older comforter....but doesn't really blend now.

Wow, what a pain to remove!!!  Tedious process....don't ask about the bright green color.....OK, I'll tell.  I painted the room, maybe 15 years ago while Duane was on a long business trip.  When he got home it was quickly determined to be a hideous color for a bedroom.  Even if it did match a flower that was on the comforter!!   

Finally after several hours, all the border is gone.  A little drywall mud fixed a few rough spots where the border pulled off chunks.

Mostly done - a grey-ish gold color, matches the comforter and will blend well with the to-be-installed new carpet.

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affectioknit said...

I can definitely relate to the wallpaper headache...everything in WV was covered with it...I love your new comforter too...and I can't wait to see your room...