Friday, September 02, 2016

Western Flying trip days 10-11-12

Next up.....Glacier National Park near Kalispell, MT.

The drive back to the good-ole'-USA was beautiful!

We probably passed 10,000 hay bales!

The "Going to the Sun" road across Glacier NP was lovely.

Duane pointed out the hollow tree - I had to get a photo, of course!

Lovely hikes.

Dick and Lindy relaxing on the trail.

This black beaked swan was a little far away for a good photo.  We looked for it's mate, but didn't find any.

Beautiful streams.

I think this may be the only "group shot" - overlooking Whitefish, MT.

We hiked up to the top of Whitefish Ski area - 4 miles and 2600 feet of elevation gain!  (We paid $8 to ride the ski-lift to the bottom!)

Close-up of one of the windmills.

Waterfall near Many Glacier.


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