Tuesday, September 05, 2017

10 - Australia

Not an exciting day...mostly just travel.

Started the day at the Quantas lounge at the Darwin airport.  Nice relaxing wait for our flight across the country to Melbourne.

For the 4+ hour flight, I had pre-ordered a vegetarian meal - very nice of them to offer the option since they do seem to like their beef here!  

Turns out that their standard offering this time was salmon, so I could have eaten that with no worries...but this was very tasty too!  You don't go hungry or thirsty on these flights!

Out the window over the "red center" -  just miles and miles of red sand.

And before we knew it we were in Melbourne.  Great airport experiences so far!  (Knock wood!)  No problems and rental car pickup has been a breeze.

But the weather is a huge change!!  Raining and 42 degrees when we landed.  Off to drive the Great Ocean Road tomorrow!

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affectioknit said...

...the vegan food does look yummy!...glad you had an uneventful trip...