Tuesday, September 26, 2017

31 - New Zealand

Pretty view....on the way to Mt. Rainbow in the distance.

Plans today are to hike to the top!!

Can you make out the antenna on the mountain top?  You'll see it later, up close!

The hike first goes by Crater Lake....lovely!

Great views of the mountainside as we were hiking up.

The view from the top - quite lovely.

See, we made it to the top - I have proof since here is that tower and fire-lookout.

More proof!  Wow, it was quite a climb!  Took about 1 1/2 hours.  You don't see the sweat, but i promise you, it's there!

After a bit of a rest, we started down the mountain -  destination Kerosene Creek - a "hot" creek.   Amazing - the entire creek is very warm.  Bathtub warm.

A nice little pool to bathe - we didn't bring swimsuits....see the steam?  Nature's hot tub!

 But I did have to get a "feel" of it several times.  The water was toasty!  From here, it was a few miles back to our starting point.

Stats for the day -  6 1/2 miles - seemed like most of it uphill!!!

After all the walking, we decided to just drive back towards Rotorua.  Pretty scene with sheep grazing.

And a different pasture - yep, it's still very green!!

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affectioknit said...

Very pretty...really does look like Lord of the Rings country...