Saturday, September 30, 2017

35 - Hawaii

Diamond Head Crater was the destination today.

It was a long, hot walk to the top, but spectacular views!  Doesn't look like much on the outside....

But an hour hike to the top was worth it!

Looking into the Diamond Head Crater itself:

Looking out from the ridge of the crater:

Duane and I at the top of the crater:

Hard to see, but there's a pretty  lighthouse down there.

On the trail back down, I offered to take a photo of a family of 6 - the father was lining all the kids up and he was going to take the shot.  I offered so he could be in the photo.  They were thrilled because "we don't get many photos with the whole family"!

They obliged by taking a photo of Duane and I in the same spot overlooking the crater!

I don't normally fall for the "stuff" on offer at parks....but I'd seen folks with "shaved ice" - so I was oh,so wonderfully cold and sweet!!!

After this hike, we put our beach umbrella up and read our books for the afternoon on Waikiki Beach.  Life's a Beach!

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Elizabeth said...

You are such the tourists. So nice to see all the fun you are having. MOM