Sunday, September 03, 2017

8 - Australia

Today the schedule was to head further north towards Jabiru.  First a stop at "Yellow Water" - really just a swampy area for a little walk.  We did see a crocodile!!  Luckily, it was far away!

Lots of birds.  We saw this bird get attacked by one of the white parrots.

In just an instant, the parrot claimed the tree for itself!

On northward on the Kakadu highway.

About an hour away is the Nourlangie Rock - it's the home to much aboriginal artwork and some aboriginal "homes".

A kangaroo -

Various warriors -

This is Nourlangie Rock - the overhangs are where the aboriginies made their homes during certain seasons.  The paintings are usually sheltered by overhangs.

View out onto the plain from a vista on Nourlangie.

Onward - we stopped for a walk around the Anbangbang Billibong.  2.5KM in the blazing sun!   I did see a very large golden colored kangaroo, but he was gone into the brushy scrub before I could point my camera!

The highlight of the day was about an hour north at Ubirr.   Beautiful rock art and views.

Trying to show you the perspective of the overhangs that made their "homes".  Huge!

And here is the view from the top of Ubirr rock.  beautiful flood plain.  This would all be water covered in wet season.

View 180 degrees standing on the crest of Ubirr rock.

At our little cabin at Kakadu Lodge now in Jabiru...

Glad to be out of the 100 degree heat/sun.  Thought I'd show you some of our refreshment.....enjoying the local brews!

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful landscapes and rock art. MOM