Tuesday, September 12, 2017

17 - Australia

Today is mostly a travel day, but it's still fun!

The bay at the ferry terminal.

The ferry requires the drivers and the passengers to be separate....the drivers drive the cars on - and the passengers are corralled in the terminal for separate boarding.   Duane was one of the first in line so he was on board several minutes before me.  He surprised me with a $5 cup of coffee!  So sweet.

We also scored "bow" seats - so we got to see the crew handling the dock lines on departure.

The view to Kangaroo Island from aft.

 Our travels today take us north towards Adelaide - where we will fly tomorrow to Cairns.

A bit overcast still....but the countryside is fabulous!  Just green rolling hills.

Sheep, as usual!

Occasionally we go close to the coastline.

And we drove thru a lovely "wine area"...

Before we went into the big city - we made a planned detour to the Cleland Waterfall Gully park.  It was fairly close to the city - but beautiful.

We only walked a couple of miles in the park - Duane spotted this koala bear up in a tree.

See why it's called Waterfall Gully?

Blurry photo, but we heard these birds "complaining" about our presence before we saw them.

Another koala bear....sleeping in a tree....

Waterfall shot from the top!

Pink colored cockatoo

Last view before we headed to our hotel in downtown Adelaide.  

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...you should definitely be keeping a bird journal...