Monday, September 25, 2017

30 - New Zealand

Today we headed south to Rotorua - home of the regions geo-thermal region.  On the way, we stopped off, as usual, for a hike.   This is the Okere Falls just north of Lake Rotorua.

It is an amazingly powerful flow - was once used for hydro-electric power generation based on some ruins of a generator we saw along the trail.  They do white-water rafting and kayaking down this river.....after seeing it up close, I would not!  Lots of eddies and swirling water.

And someone is really crazy!  Can you imagine using the rope swing to jump into that frothy water?

Downstream a little bit, the water calms down considerably.  Here they're giving lessons.

Our walk took us past a pretty pasture with sheep.

And thru some really large "house-plants".

On further down the road, I spotted some black swans on the edge of Lake Rotorua.  Very graceful.

After lunch and a rest at our hotel, we went on a walk around Rotorua.  There is an amazing amount of thermal activity.  This is a boiling hot pond in their public park.  I know because I stuck my hand in it!!  (very briefly!)

See the little bit of bubbles?   That is actually boiling water coming out of a vent on the shallow pond bottom.

There were several different types of pools - this one is mud.  Just a big gloppy pond with boiling mud.

Here is an extremely clear pool.  The ancient people, the Maori, used these clear pools for cooking.

View across Lake Rotorua.

And back at the hotel, we got to enjoy our own private thermal pool at the hotel!   It comes into the pool at 42 degrees C (108 degrees F).   The water is piped in on the property and flows through the pool.  They add cold water to keep it bearable!   The water has minerals and leaves you feeling very tingly and your skin is so soft.  That's it for today!


Elizabeth said...

Very interesting. Especially the hot springs, I didn't know about them. Would love the private pool in your room. And you probably need it after all that hiking. MOM

affectioknit said...

The stream does look crazy rafting some of the whitewater in WV...and I wish I had that hot tub at my looks marvy-fab...