Wednesday, September 13, 2017

18 - Australia

Another travel day - on the move to Cairns today.

Quantas is just doing a fabulous job with my meals....oh, my goodness, all you seem to do during the flights is eat!

For the first flight from Adelaide to Melbourne, he "vegetarian" option included 3 fruit offerings, a vegan chocolate muffin, a blueberry scone, beans, an omelette and roast veggies.  It was a good thing that I ordered this ahead of time - Duane's breakfast included a nice ham breakfast sandwich.

I snapped this photo from the "inflight entertainment console" on the seatback in front of me.  It gives you an idea of how close we were to the south polar ice!

I meant to mention the other day when we were at Kangaroo Island - that we were probably the farthest we will ever be from home -  google calculates it at 10402 miles!

Just a short layover in Melbourne and on to our next flight to Cairns.  (Pronounced cans, like cans of beans).

Again, Quantas did a great job with my "special lunch"!

It was black bean wraps in a bed of yummy tomato salsa and a smooth green sauce....not sure what it was but it was good!   And that brown "tart" you see was a fabulous vegan chocolate mouse in a baked coconut crust.  

We made it to Cairns and after just a little difficulty we found our rental car.   Checked in at the hotel and took a 20 minute walk to  be sure we know where to go first thing in the morning for our 7:30AM departure to the Reef Encounters liveaboard dive boat.

Lovely board walk along the shoreline.  Very active tourist area!  Neat pelicans - never seen any quite like these.

 They have  a very large public pool - right along the boardwalk.  Looks unsupervised and a neat place to hang out.

Getting late - nice sunset over the water.   May be a day or two before I get internet - don't think we'll have any access out on the Great Barrier Reef!!


Elizabeth said...

I'm sure you did enjoy those meals. They look scrumptious. All your adventures look like fun. MOM

affectioknit said...

Your food looks pretty vegan friendly...and aren't pronunciations funny...remember Kerr lake...