Saturday, September 02, 2017

7 - Australia

Today we headed north on our loop tour of the Northern Territory.  Destination Cooinda Lodge in Kakadu National Park - about 3 hours total driving.

One observation I've made - is that there are no wooden telephone "poles" like we know them.  They're all completely metal - this is just a normal road-site pole.    I assume that's because there is so much burning of the terrain.

We stopped along the highway for several different walks.  This one was Bukbukluk. Nice overlook.

Even in the arid climate, there are a few pretty flowers.  This plant had no leaves, just flowers.

And fruits from some palms.

Another stop was Gungurul - a walk towards the creek warned of crocodile danger....

Not to fear - no crocodiles since there was no water!!  Here is the dry riverbed.

Forecast today was 100.  Yes, very hot!

Really desolate in places.  We tried to go down this outback road in our little rental car - but ended up having to turn around because of a very rough creek crossing.  The ranger had told us we could probably make it even though it was marked 4WD only.

Still heading north we stopped at the Mardugal Billabong for a 1KM walk.  Still HOT!!!

Pretty views of the Alligator River.

Didn't get too close though!  No sticking my toe in this one!

And after settling in our nice room at the Cooinda Lodge, we took a short walk around the resort.  Spotted this white parrot.   Even at 7PM it's still HOT!!!  All for today.

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affectioknit said...

Everything is so pretty and interesting and the names all sound so foreign...

I love your little cabin...again...