Monday, September 11, 2017

15 - Australia

Forgot that I had snapped this photo - thought I'd show you what our little cabin looked like on the inside.  Very nice and roomy!  We've been pleasantly surprised at all our lodging so far....all of it very nice and extremely clean.

Up in the morning for the 9AM ferry to Kangaroo Island.   This ferry is a "for profit" venture, unlike our NC ferry system.  This 45 minute ride costs $400 round trip (you pay for the car and the 2 people separately)!

Very nice setup, though.  I decided I could do without the $5 small cup of coffee....

Approaching Kangaroo Island.

And soon we were at the ferry terminal and off to tour the island for a few days!

The island is less than 100 miles long - we planned our first day traveling the distance and stopping at interesting spots along the way.

Lots of sheep!

Our first planned stop was miles down a dirt road for a hike - unfortunately, the hike was posted "closed" due to recent rains.  Bummer.

Next stop was to Seal Bay - a bay where a colony of rare Australian sea-lions are protected.
You can see some of them along the beach.

A mom nursing her pup.

And some males resting in the sand.  This is as close as we were allowed.

More driving - saw this kangaroo in a field on the side of the road.  I couldn't believe he/she allowed me to get this close!

Next plan was to see Vivonne Bay - I had read it was beautiful.

Did a short walk at nearby Port Elinn.

Just pretty, rocky shoreline.

Made it to Flinders National Park - on the entrance road there were some very loud geese!

And a docile wallaby.

It was getting late - but we wanted to do a nice long hike - this was to Snake Lagoon.  The trail was a couple of miles each way.

And ended at this stunning bay!

Just a few shots from different points along the path.

Amazing couple of hour hike and not another soul in sight!

Made it back to our home for the night  - you guessed it - another little cabin!

This one was a little more basic...but very nice and we were tired!

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affectioknit said...

The water is such a gorgeous blue...and I love this little cabin too...