Friday, September 01, 2017

5.5 - Australia

A little more of day 5!

Since we arrived at Katherine a bit early, we had a snack and a little rest.  Got all settled into the Beagle Motel for 2 nights (one our longest stays in one place of the trip!!)  

It's  comfortable room, but it is a bit strange that there are bars on lots of the windows in the area - and the small motel has a 8' fence around it  - and a gate that closes at dark.  You have to have a code to get in the gate after dark.  Hmmmm.  I didn't read anything about a safety issue here!  I asked the lady at reception when I checked in if the area was safe.  Her reply was, "oh yes, it's fine....but I wouldn't walk around in town after dark."  Hmmmm.  I don't think we will walk around in town after dark!   We're in the middle of nowhere - this appears to be the only town in about 100 miles.  It seems about the size of Hendersonville when I was growing up, maybe a bit smaller.

I had read of the "Katherine Public Hot Springs" - got directions from the front desk.  After a little walk found the entrance.  It's a neat little gem - doesn't look like many tourists would go to the trouble to find it.

Just a warm little creek that feeds the Katherine River.  I don't know anything about the source of the heat - I don't believe this area is volcanic.....

But it is definitely warm.

The water is clear and the bottom is sandy.

It's just a lazy little creek that's about chest deep.

As you go further "upstream" it gets warmer but not uncomfortable.

The pool at the source is a popular spot.

There's even a designated "wheelchair ramp" -  it just slopes down into the creek for easy access.  Isn't that a neat feature?  

That's all for tonight!  Hope the jet-lag is better tonight!

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affectioknit said...

Those pools certainly look inviting...and at least there are no crocodiles around...