Friday, September 22, 2017

27 - Australia

In the "big" city of Sydney today.  (We flew from Cairns late last night).  Just one day here.

We looked it up - 21% of the Australian population lives in Sydney!  That just seems like a lot....I guess that explains why the rest of the country  that we've seen feels pretty sparsley  populated.

We made our way to the Sydney train (subway) station.

Very nice modern trains and the subway system was nice and clean.

Double decker cars - very quiet and comfy.

A short ride from our hotel near the airport to the "Circular Quay"  pronounced Circular Key.  Some of it underground and some of it above.

Beautiful harbor - the water was amazingly clean and clear.

Our obligatory "selfie" in front of the Sydney Opera House.  We tried one closer but the Opera House is just huge and you couldn't really see it in the background.

We spent an hour or so walking through the lovely botanical gardens adjoining the quay.

A couple walking the same path as us asked us to take their photo - and they obliged by taking ours!

Panorama of the quay.

We wandered round the city a bit - pretty old church.

City streets just like any other we've been in.

We stopped at a little streetside restaurant and I got some sushi.   Duane got some "normal" food from a nearby vendor.

 That's it for the day - we're heading out late tonight for Auckland, New Zealand.  Amazing how fast these 4 weeks have flown by!!!


affectioknit said...

WOW...four weeks already...I love the photo the other couple took with the Opera House in the background...



Elizabeth said...

The photos with you and Duane in them are the best. Lovely scenery. MOM