Monday, September 11, 2017

16 - Australia

On our way to our first hike today, we saw a kangaroo and her joey.  So calm - she wasn't concerned about us at all...

First up today was to see the Admiral's Arch.

Lovely view at the top of the cliffs.  Unfortunately, the skies were overcast - would have been much more vivid with the sun shining!

Below in the waves are 100's of fur me, they are there!

You can make out a few of them laying on the brown rocks.

A little closer - they were "growling" at each other.  We could hear it over the crashing waves.

At the bottom of the cliff is Admirals Arch - it's huge!   4 or 5 stories tall.

Selfie with the arch in the background!

The Cape du Couedic lighthouse.  Nice walk with lots of historical info.  Always neat to hear about the lonely families that kept the lights going long ago.  Very hard life!

Beautiful viewpoints along the road.

In route to "Remarkable Rocks"...still overcast and foggy.

Remarkable Rocks from a distance.  Interesting left-overs from volcanic activity.  Slowly being eroded by wind/water.  They're huge!

Here is Duane - so you can see the scale!

Leaving the area with the lighthouse in the distance.

We did a long hike to see platypus - but were sorely disappointed!  No sightings and just a swampy stream so no cool photos.   We should have timed it for dusk or dawn when they are more active.  No worries, enough for one day!


affectioknit said...

What a gorgeous sorry about the would be really neat to see one in the wild...



Elizabeth said...

I agree, that is enough for one day. Can't believe you get it all in. The views are really great. MOM