Monday, September 18, 2017

22 - Australia

Really enjoyed our short stay at Port Douglas....should have scheduled another day here.

At the grocery, I had seen "crumpets" decided to see what they were like.  They're a soft bun - slightly buttery flavored and a little like a english muffin, but slightly sweet.  Good for breakfast!

We rode the bikes from the motel into town (10 minutes) -  I heard a racket up in the tree - these pretty multi-colored birds.  Too bad the camera didn't pick up on all the vivid colors.

And there were fruit trees all around the public areas.  Mangos galore.

Back at the motel - the Lazy Lizard -  everyone has a covered carport - I assume to keep the cars out of the harsh sun.  Excellent, cozy place.

We drove north towards Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest National Park.

On the way, we saw miles of sugar cane fields.  Note the small railroad track alongside the road.

We thought the railroad track was for a "tourist train" or something because it was very small.  But we eventually saw that it's for the sugar-cane train!

First stop was Mossman Gorge - beautiful park in the rainforest.

A cool suspension bridge.

Another Australian Brush Turkey

A strangler fig.   The vine grows on the outside of a "host" tree - the host tree eventually dies leaving the fig standing.  The host tree trunk eventually rots away leaving the hollow trunk.

Duane at a different fig tree.

Pretty creek inside the park.

Lots of fig trees.

Weird rainforest vines.

Beautiful clear pools.  Little fish.

A swimming hole that was "crocodile free"....lots of Speedo's to look at!!

Onward northbound - we did another river crossing on a cable ferry.

Did several more rainforest walks.  Our Garmin watches said we walked 7 miles and 47 stories today!

I wanted to show you a closeup of some of those wonderful green rainforest plants.  Some of them are quite prickly!!

Just a view from the trail.

On one of the trails we finally spotted a Cassowary bird!!  They're huge!!  The feathers are so fluffy and exotic looking.  They shimmer as the bird moves.  I understand they are quite aggressive and have actually killed men!   We kept our distance!

A different trail....more greenery.

Pretty mangrove area.

An lastly, our home for the night.  Another cabin!!  Ferntree Rainforest Lodge.  Ours is the middle one.

A nice, relaxing home for the night.  Tomorrow, on to Cape Tribulation!


Elizabeth said...

That's a lot of beautiful scenery. I saw a documentary recently that showed how they purposely grow those fig trees across ravines to use for bridges. Takes decades. We are really enjoying all the info and pics. MOM

affectioknit said...

Y'all have sure stayed in some neat cabins...