Friday, September 29, 2017

34 - Hawaii

Well rested, we set out for some island exploration!

We drove a crazy-winding road (Tanalus Rd.) to a beautiful overlook of Honolulu.

Then we took a hike through a forest that they used to film some of Jurassic Park.

The hike ended in a lovely waterfall (Manoa Falls).

The adjoining park had trails that were a never-ending tropical garden. 

Amazing flowering plants by the thousands!  Enjoy the walk!

We then drove to the other side of the island (it's a small island!!)

Lanikai Beach view:

Kailua Beach:

Then it was time for some dinner!  We found a marina restaurant near the KoKo crater.

I had some "Poke" - pronounced PO - KAY.  It's a traditional Hawaiian dish with veggies and raw fish cubes.  It was yummy!


affectioknit said...

...Looks just like Hawaii 5-0...all very lush and know I've never seen Jurassic Park...



Elizabeth said...

Amazing flora. I can see why people love Hawaii. Live it up!! MOM