Friday, September 15, 2017

20 - Australia

Here is a shot from the upper deck looking out onto the reef.  It is spectacular even from above.  (And remember, this is just one small spot!)

Oh, my goodness - more diving.  It seemed like we would finish one dive - then the announcement for the next dive would come within minutes!

The crew was fabulous keeping us all moving (when a nap or two would have been good!)

We went on our first night dive ever....really different and great!  Here is a shark below us - you could only see what was illuminated by your "torch" (flashlight in Australian-speak).

The small reef fish were all hidden and sleeping - most of what we saw were 2-3' long predator fish.  (They left us alone, but swam really close to us).

I have lots of photos from my own underwater camera that look like this...down deep, the colors all wash out.  I've asked Robert to "filter" them for me.  I'll post some when they look a little better.

This was a truly wonderful experience....

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