Wednesday, September 20, 2017

25 - Australia

Today was so much nicer than yesterday!!!  We woke up to beautiful sunny skies and clear air!  Driving was out in the countryside was just lovely.

Today we planned to see waterfalls....lots and lots of waterfalls....

The first one was Millaa Millaa - and it turned out to be just an in-town swimming park.  A little disappointing since I like to hike a while and be rewarded with a waterfall at the end!

But, there was a nice nature walk beside the park so it wasn't a total downer.

Driving south, our GPS took us on an unexpected road, but we rolled with it.  We've been on a few of these before - they are 2 way roads - you just driving in the middle until you see someone coming.  Then both of you move 1/2 way over into the dirt side road to pass.

Just lovely countryside.

I won't bore you with details - but we did see a LOT of waterfalls.  Some were more "public" like this one....but many required a mile or so hike.  Those were the ones I liked best!

This was a bit of a hike to "The Crater" - it's a 200' deep pool that was a "lava tube" many millennia ago.  This is as close as we could get without climbing gear!

I took this panorama with my cell phone - hope you can enlarge it and scroll from side to side.  It's just such a pretty view from the side of a hill.

More waterfalls.

These next two are different locations, though they look similar.

Another lovely panorama.  The pastures just went on and on!

And as we were approaching our stopping point for the night, we passed many banana fields....I looked up the bags - they are covering the bunches of bananas to prevent pests from bothering them.

That's all for today!


Elizabeth said...

Very nice!! Such lovely waterfalls. Interesting about those banana bags. MOM

affectioknit said...

I did love the panoramic shot...